• Local Telephone Service - Retain your current area code and number(s)
  • Long Distance Service - Dial 1 + Area Code + Number
  • High Speed Internet Access - 1.5mbps and Up
  • Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN's)
  • Local Area Networks (LAN's)
  • Private Data and Telephony Networks
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Co-Location Services
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA's) - Guaranteeing you the highest level of service

Internet Service

FiberNet, LLC was formed to build fiber optic network infrastructure for commercial public applications. This infrastructure company has installed hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable throughout Georgia, and has garnered considerable accolades for professionalism. FiberNet received CLEC and OCC status in 1998, and has interconnect agreements with BellSouth and Alltel, as well as other providers in Georgia. FiberNet has pole attachment/joint use agreements with BellSouth and the Southern Company (the regional power company Georgia Power), and many municipal and EMC organizations. FiberNet now operates a network that extends SONET protection from Athens to Atlanta, Atlanta to Chattanooga and points in between supporting the Parker network in various locations.

The FiberNet model builds fiber optic rings in medium sized cities that are often under served by larger companies who tend to focus on large, metropolitan areas. This model has been successfully implemented in Athens and Rome. With the implantation of fiber links from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Atlanta to Athens and links from cities in between, FiberNet provides redundant connectivity solutions for its customers in these cities. Our capability includes the placement of fiber and engineering with all services provided in house. This eliminates any obligation to subcontractors and other engineering firms to facilitate fiber placement and response.

Phone Service

We offer commercial Primary Rate Interface (PRI) services. Call us today for a quote!