Electrical Services Contractor

FiberNet, LLC was formed to build fiber optic network infrastructure for commercial public applications. This infrastructure company has installed hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable throughout Georgia, and has garnered considerable accolades for professionalism. FiberNet received CLEC and OCC status in 1998, and has interconnect agreements with BellSouth and Alltel, as well as other providers in Georgia.

Better People, Better Service

We don’t claim to be the best, but we do aim to be the best… It is the aim of Parker Systems to be a ‘better business’, providing a better service through better people at all times and to develop mutually beneficial long term relationships with our customers/clients. Our commitment is shown in the standard of our work and attention to detail.

Cutting Edge Technology, Traditional Service

Combining latest technology in all area’s whilst remembering our commitment to our client and keeping them informed at all times. Over the past years we have been involved in planning, designing and installation of a wide range of services from large projects to small everyday tasks, to meet our clients needs.