About Us

Parker Systems, LLC had its beginnings in 1985. While pursuing his degree in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech, David Parker founded Parker Security to fund his college years. Parker Security provided businesses and government organizations with security system installation and service. As the company grew, it evolved to provide the high-speed local and wide area networking needed to support large interconnecting departments of various entities.

Parker Systems has served an impressive list of customers including Motorola, The Georgia Department of Transportation, The Department of Defense, SOLEC (State Olympic Law Enforcement Command), The City of Atlanta, and Atlanta Olympic Broadcast. The company has designed and implemented mission critical networks for multiple Electric Membership co-ops across Georgia and has experience in the engineering and installation of digital microwave, fiber optic cable and a wide range of networking electronics for connectivity. Mission critical networks continue into 911 Centers for Alpharetta, Roswell, Atlanta and Dekalb County. With design and management of the microwave and fiber interconnectivity between the Atlanta sites for the 911 Centers, Parker Systems acquired design and operational qualifications required in mission critical networks. With the installation of many complex networks including a fiber optic ring around Athens, Georgia, Parker Systems has gained the experience and knowledge necessary to be a state of the art facilities-based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC). Parker Systems has ongoing revenues of $5 million per year.

Parker FiberNet was formed to build fiber optic network infrastructure for commercial and public applications. This infrastructure company has installed hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable throughout Georgia, and has garnered considerable accolades for professionalism. Parker FiberNet received CLEC and OCC status in 1998, and has interconnect agreements with BellSouth and Alltel, as well as other providers in Georgia. Parker FiberNet has pole attachment/joint use agreements with BellSouth and the Southern Company (the regional power company Georgia Power), and many municipal and EMC organizations.

Parker FiberNet’s continued success can be attributed to providing implementation from start to finish, including design, construction and operation. Parker FiberNet provides their own design, engineering, aerial construction (complete with bucket trucks, aerial equipment, etc.), underground construction (complete with directional drilling, plowing, and trenching), as-built design, fiber splicing - testing (splicing vans and support equipment), monitoring and system turn-up.

Parker Systems, LLC and Parker FiberNet, LLC have headquarters in Summerville, Georgia where the Parker family has a rich history of business and political success.